If you’re a business owner, you understand the need to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build. When it comes to business, it is critical you have the right people on your team. We pride ourselves in helping our fellow business owners by removing the guesswork from insurance. People rely on our knowledge and expertise to coordinate their insurance program, and without this professional assistance, many businesses find they may have dangerous gaps in their coverage and may be personally liable for losses which were unknowingly omitted.
Why Shop with an Independent Agency?
If you're asking yourself... "Why an independent agency? Why not just go directly with an insurance carrier?" We can answer that in one word. Choices. When you go directly with one carrier, you receive one rate. When you shop with AA Lares Insurance, you are given over a dozen choices. Whether you work at home, or if you commute over county lines, your needs are carefully placed into a program that best fits your unique situation. Above all else, we'll help you understand insurance a little more. Below are some key elements of a California auto insurance policy. We also have made shopping easier for you by developing a safe and convenient online insurance quote form. Together, we will get you adequately covered with premiums that are affordable.

Coverages to Consider
Commercial Auto
We offer coverage that meet the needs from beginner drivers, to classic and luxury cars, to mature drivers. Call the AA Lares protection team to find you the most coverage at the lowest rate.

Commercial Property
Whether you live in the heart of the city, in the suburbs, near the ocean, in the valley, or up the mountains, The AA Lares Protection Team is ready to help you find a homeowners policy for your unique lifestyle.
Professional Liability
The insurance specialists at AA Lares Insurance are ready to help you research life insurance options that make most sense for your life and family. Email an expert and set up an appointment today.
General Liability
You deserve to enjoy your time out in the water with your friends and family worry-free. Call or Email the AA Lares Protection Team to insure your boat, jetski, or watercraft vehicle today.

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