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Original home owners, renters, or condo coverage might include some, but not all of your valuable items. So how do you go about protecting your excluded assets? Floaters! Floaters are inexpensive add-ons to your original home owners, renters, or condo policy that cover real or sentimental value in an item that’s not covered in your original policy.

Whether lost damaged or stolen you can rest assured knowing your items are covered with plenty of options to choose from. The saying better safe than sorry should serve you justice in making your decision on whether or not you need the added coverage. You might feel skeptical because you live in a nice area or you couldn’t imagine any misfortune happening to you, but no one expects terrible events! You can prepare for them, and we can help!

Some examples to include:
Engagement/Wedding Rings
Fine Art
Precious/Semi-precious stones/gems
Still not sure about what should be covered?
Just fill this out, and one of our skilled agents will reach out to coach you through it!
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