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AA Lares Insurance remodels upstairs at Orange location for office expansion.
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AA Lares visits local non-profits to promote safety and education.
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My Summer Abroad

My daughter Vanessa and I are getting ready to have the summer of our lives, and we want to share our excitement with all of you! My little girl is growing up! In August, Vanessa will be going away for her first year to Penn State University. Before she leaves, she will be accompanying me on an unforgettable European retreat to Poland for World Youth Week with the Pope!

We will be visiting historical monuments like the Berlin Wall in Germany, the Charles Bridge in Czech Republic, and Auschwitz in Poland. To tune into our daily adventures abroad, we invite all of you to follow AA Lares on Snapchat @laresinsurance.

During this time, the AA Lares Protection Team is well prepared to serve you. If you are in need of any assistance after hours, please visit our website www.laresinsurance.com. It is because of my amazing team and wonderful clients that trips and memories like these are possible, and for that I thank you all greatly.  

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