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Road Trip Tips for Foreign Travels

     With AA Lares, we are able to negotiate and secure conditions that resemble the coverage levels and standards available in the U.S.
      All commercial, personal or ppecialty lines you could think of are offered at an unbeatable rate!

Give our Mexipass specialists a call to learn more:
Gaby Leon
Protection Coach/ Mexipass Wizard!
Gaby answers all questions quickly and efficiently so you can hit the road for your big trip!

 Email: gleon@laresinsurance.com
Phone: (657)208-7931
Judy Vega
Protection Coach/ Office Manager
Judy will not rest until your needs are 100% met!

Email: jvega@laresinsurance.com
Phone: (657)208-7929

Avoid Driving at Night
In any situation, it's best to drive in the day time, when there are better driving conditions, especially in a foreign country!

Be Prepared
It's important to have water, snacks and a spare tire in the back, just in case the unthinkable happens! Make sure you know where you're going, and have the resources to get there safely.
Get Covered
That's where we come in! Your regular auto policy may not fully transfer leaving the United States. You have plenty of options, so we can help you find what best suits you! Give us a call so we can make sure you are ready to hit the open road.
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