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Auto Insurance F.A.Q
Do I get full coverage or just liability? Let's preface this answer with there is no such thing as "full coverage insurance." (More on this in the next question.) Liability will cover the damage done to another vehicle, but if there is anything wrong with your car, you are responsible for the cost. There are other coverages like uninsured/ under-insured motorists that apply to specific situations. With uninsured motorist coverage, if another driver is at fault and does not have high enough limits of liability to replace your asset, you can have the assurance that your asset will be fixed or replaced up to its current value by your own insurance provider. As the driver, you have the option to purchase either the minimum legal coverage, or coverage that will fully replace the value of your asset. While the minimum legal liability can be a great option for some people, if you wish for your assets to be adequately protected, we recommend meeting with you and to discuss all of your options.
What is full coverage insurance? As we learned with the last question, the term full coverage insurance can be slightly deceptive. The goal is to cover your asset to its current value as well as the value of other people's assets you may damage. We always recommend adding comprehensive and collision coverage to every auto policy. Many of our carriers also include road side assistance and rental car service in the event of an accident. Give a call today at (714) 288-8000 and ask if you have these additional coverages on your policy. We are always here to help, serve, and protect.
Should I add my teen driver to my policy? If your teenager will be driving the vehicle than they will need to be added to the insurance policy. One reason for this is because a younger driver has a higher chance of being in an accident. If they are not covered, you could end up with the total expense of the accident out of pocket. We recommend you err on the side of caution. As soon as they start driving, add them to your insurance.
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