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Meet Jose Viramontes - Founder / CEO of Top Tents Promotions
This month we interviewed Jose Viramontes, owner of Top Tents. Jose has been our client since 2008, but has known Patty for over 20 years! Early in his career, Jose learned he had a natural talent in the art of promotion. In September of 2008, he started his own business. “A positive attitude can open many doors in any industry, and in life,” says Jose.
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Today, Top Tents is more than just a rental business; Jose’s business provides promotional elements and activation for large-scale events and venues, and has been able to expand into a multipurpose conglomerate. Acquiring a number of high profile clients has allowed Jose to expand his business nationwide! Above all else, Mr. Viramontes wants people to know that he strives for complete and total customer satisfaction!

When we asked how he balances work and family, Jose responded that his family is his biggest supporter. His wife Veronica plays an instrumental role in the company overseeing all finances, sales, and administration. His children Adriana and Jose are also key players in Top Tents and contribute to the company’s overall success. While Adriana manages Top Tents IT, Jose leads the activation teams. Both children manage company operations while continuing to study at their respective universities. Jose Viramontes III currently attends Mt. San Antonio College pursuing a degree in business management and Adriana is finishing up her last year at Cal Poly Pomona pursuing her degree in computer engineering.

Mr. Viramontes would like to take this opportunity to truly thank his wife, children, brothers, and nephews who contribute to the ongoing success of Top Tents.
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