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AA Lares Insurance remodels upstairs at Orange location for office expansion.
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BIG Changes Are Coming to AA Lares Insurance

From half ripped out walls, to broken floor panels, it’s hard to imagine what the second floor used to look like. Luckily, we’ve got pictures! Patty walked through the upstairs demolition to explain what the plans were to one of our new team. She grinned from ear to ear as she talked about a big lobby for our clients and an outdoor patio to enjoy the amazing California weather. We want to keep the AALI family up to date with our summer renovation and talk about some of the exciting new changes. Our office is relocating to the upstairs of the building we are currently located in. Move in day is fast approaching!

Patty continued to explain the vision for the office. She pointed out where her office would be located, where the private agent offices would go, and the exciting new addition of a green room, and a new marketing office.

With the exciting additions happening upstairs, Patty has also added a new member to our Marketing Department, Vanessa Chacon. The marketing team is keeping us connected with all of our clients and building our social media presence. We also recently added a monthly e-newsletter as well as a weekly blog. With a larger effort to stay in touch with our clients, we are breaking the normal barriers of communication. The boundaries are virtually limitless with nearly 24/7 communication on social media.
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