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AA Lares Insurance remodels upstairs at Orange location for office expansion.
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AA Lares visits local non-profits to promote safety and education.
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The time has come to send my little girl off to her first year of college! I am unbelievably proud to be a Penn State University mom! Vanessa is my last of 5 kids and I can’t believe the last one is about to leave the nest! Luckily, I still have my grandson Adam by my side. He is going back to school this month as well. He will be starting the second grade. One thing I have learned with raising my children is to cherish every moment with them because they really do grow up fast.

I would also like to thank you, our clients, and the team for supporting and believing in me and my business. You are the reason I am able to provide for my family and give them these amazing opportunities.

That being said, I hope your kids have a great first day at school, and I ask that you remember and embrace these milestones for years to come.  

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