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It's no secret that homeowners insurance rates have increased significantly over the last several years. But there are still ways to minimize the cost of your homeowners insurance policy so you have more to spend during the Christmas season!


1. Raise Your Deductibles. This will accomplish two important objectives: a lower deductible costs less, and secondly this keep small claims off your record.

2. Auto/Home Discount. If you don't already have your auto and home with the same company, you are losing out on valuable discounts!

​3. Security Discounts.  Make sure you’ve told us about your deadbolt locks, smoke detectors, and security and fire alarms, it’ll help.

​4.  Independent Agency. Stick with an agency who can provide options with other carriers (that’s us!)

​5. Personal Protection Review. This is the most important thing you can do to ensure you have the protection you need when you need it, AND at the best price you can get for your “one-of-a-kind” need.

There's no running away from high homeowners insurance rates, but by proactively staying on top of your insurance program, you are taking the steps needed to lessen the impact to you and your budget! We hope these tips save you a couple bucks for your Christmas gift budget. Your piggy bank will be thanking you in the long run!

Call 714-288-8000 or click below and schedule your review today!

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